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Type Foundry Summer Internship Opportunities?

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Joined: 16 Dec 2009 - 6:02pm
Type Foundry Summer Internship Opportunities?

Hello Everybody, I was hoping to get some help and maybe get pointed in some good directions as I start applying for internships for the summer. I'm currently a Junior at Iowa State University for Graphic Design and I've spent a large amount of my time researching and applying for internships at a variety of firms. However, considering my passion for typography and my interest in type design I'm keeping an eye out for any internship openings at type foundries in the US. I know some of the larger ones and have either made contact with (or am in the process of contacting): Hoefler & Frere-Jones, House Industries, Emigre, T.26, and The Chank Company.

I would be really excited to have the opportunity to intern at a type foundry in the summer and so I'm wondering if anyone has any names of foundries I should consider or any advice as I continue with my applications. My portfolio is largely graphic design work, but typography plays such a major role in my process for problem-solving and I've undergone my own projects and opportunities to learn more about the art of type design. You can visit my portfolio here: brandonalvarado.com

Thanks for all the help everyone.