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Renaissance Typeface Pair

Hi everyone,

Just wanted recommendations for a body-titling pair for a Renaissance-themed website: they must be licensable as webfonts. Preferably something Venetian.

I'm currently using Palatino + IM Fell English. Horrible choice, I know.

For body text, I'm currently looking at Adobe Jenson Pro (Adobe), Requiem (H&FJ; not yet a webfont, but I can wait) and Venetian 301 (Bitstream version of Centaur). Out of these only Jenson Pro renders as well as a system font (eg Palatino). I don't know how the rest will display, but this is very important as well.

For headings I want something rough like IM Fell English, and it must also have an authentic italic like Fell English. I was thinking GLC Garamond.

Also: is Garamond an actual Renaissance design?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!