Latin/Flared serif used for Pringle (of Scotland) woodmark

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Would like some help to identify this Latin/flared serif. Thanks in advance.
I already identified some similars but far from convincing: Copperplate Gothic, Aviano Serif, Blog, President, Lehman...

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I thought I had this but I'm afraid Ikarus is just another look-a-like.

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Thanks for this suggestion Dirk. Hope some will have little more.

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Looks like Fritz, I little bit diferent.

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Sorry but it doesn't look like Friz Quadrata at all.

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My hunch is that’s a customised Copperplate (or even Sackers/Engravers) Gothic.
As a starting point, both Sweet Gothic Serif and ITC Symbol have a more similar G, but the first has more contrast, while the other isn’t as wide.

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Thanks a lot everybody for these suggestions. Sweet Gothic is, indeed, very close, slightly more contrasted. ITC Symbol has this classy feeling I always like, though not enough wide as. Anyway, that are 2 very good similars.

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