HELP Looking for advice for my tattoo-font

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I'm a experimental film student from Brussels, I like tattoo's and I just got my first ink. I don't want any drawings on my body, just fonts. Because they are figurative AND the have a direct meaning and message.

I want to put a piece of text on my chest. A fragment of a monologue from "Mad Men".


it's delicate, but potent.
in Greek, "nostalgia" literally means "the pain from an old wound."
It's a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone.
Nostalgia isn't a spaceship, it's a time machine.
It goes backwards, and forwards...
It takes us to a place where we ache to go again.
It let's us travel the way a child travels - around and around, and back home again.
To a place where we know we are loved."

It's a piece of text about nostalgia. So I want something matchable but not kitschy.
I've been looking for fonts and I found some that could work.
Now I want your opinion. (Ps: I like sans serif fonts, especialy "Futura")

Greetings and thanks

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this is madness :)

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Why not Futura? If I were to choose something to be inked indelibly on my body, it would be something timeless. None of the 'faces you chose have the timeless quality of Futura or a Univers or a Trade Gothic.

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I already have a tattoo in Futura :D and you absolutly have a point...
I was thinking about Helvetica, what do you think?

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“Nostalgia” speaks to me in antiqua.

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There are thousands of tattoos in Helvetica.

Trade Gothic Bold Condensed No. 20 is very nostalgic of a certain era (the sturdiness and lack of pretense of the late 40's, early 50's), and also timeless, as it is widely used on the web today. I would definitely consider that!

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