HUGE Challenge - Katy Perry ET Font

I have searched and searched, used What the Font and Identifont a couple dozen times and I still cannot find this font. I say "Huge Challenge" because no one seems to know what font these are.

I would appreciate it if you guys could find both fonts, but especially the "E.T." font.


The dotted one looks like Matrise, but could be another, I suppose.

Matrise Pro is close, but the W's are different. Thanks though.

Can anyone help?

As the dotted font appears to be built on a grid you might find it on Fontstruct, or you could build your own version there.

I think the other might be collaged from photos of an actual LED display. The botched, bitmap over-drawing on "landing March" makes me think it was an image that didn't scale down clearly rather than a font. Also the large E and T look like they were drawn to match the letters in Katy Perry rather than being the same letters scaled up.

Have you searched under LED yet?

The image is a screen shot from the music video teaser on her official YouTube channel. Here's really good quality:

I don't understand what you're saying. What do you mean, search under LED?

On myfonts of dafont, etc. Search for fonts which are tagged LED or LED display.

I searched LED under dafont and myfonts and no results.

So should I just assume that this font is certified unidentifiable?

FYI, regarding Matrise: dot pattern will change with size. W may match at a different size.

All right, I'll check again. Matrise definitely is the closest though.

No luck with the E.T. Font?

Anyone? I really don't want to give up. :(

Even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you because of the unnecessarily grossly overlarge pictures you included. I'm sorry that none of the previous responders pointed this out to you.

Well there you go. Thank you for the helpful comment.