Monotype Imaging Announces the iType FontTuner

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Monotype Imaging Announces the iType FontTuner
Font Tuning Application Enables CE Device Manufacturers to Refine the Look of Fonts for Optimal Display

WOBURN, Mass., April 5, 2011 – Monotype Imaging Holdings Inc. (Nasdaq: TYPE), a leading global provider of text imaging solutions, has introduced the iType® FontTuner™ application, a solution for improving the look of fonts on particular display screens by adjusting the thickness and sharpness of characters rendered from the fonts. Targeted to manufacturers and developers of consumer electronics devices, FontTuner operates on TrueType® fonts enabled to work with Monotype Imaging’s Edge™ Technology, which combines hinting and patented rendering techniques to achieve uniform, legible text.

FontTuner runs in Windows® environments and is based on Edge Technology’s embedded font tuning capability, which was previously accessible only to Monotype Imaging engineers to modify fonts as prescribed by OEM customers. With FontTuner, customers are now able to control the look of Edge Technology fonts themselves in order to achieve the best looking output on a particular device. FontTuner can also be used on product lines with multiple display types such as LCD or OLED displays, or on products with multiple modes and resolutions.

“We’ve opened the door for OEMs to take advantage of one of the most unique features of Edge Technology. Customers themselves can now make precise adjustments and see the impact of those changes immediately. Even small refinements can result in visibly dramatic improvements, which can ultimately prove critical for a product’s success,” said John Seguin, executive vice president of Monotype Imaging. “With the ability to fine-tune fonts to fit unique requirements that may differ from product to product, OEMs gain powerful control over the look of fonts across product lines.”

The FontTuner app features a user interface designed for quick, intuitive operation. Modifications are specified interactively using simple slider controls and nudge controls. The sliders provide overall adjustments, while the nudge controls are used to fine-tune results. Users are able to save adjusted tuning values within a font and transfer the new, altered font to a target device where the tuned output may be examined. Tuning adjustments may be applied separately or in combination to any number of text sizes or language scripts. For example, a lighter look to East Asian fonts may be preferred in order to balance the appearance of accompanying Latin-based fonts. Small-sized text can be made to look sharper, while larger sized text can retain a softer appearance. Multiple sets of tuned parameters can also be created for a single font and stored as a TrueType Collection file to support multiple outputs from a single device.

About Edge Technology

Edge Technology is an optional component of Monotype Imaging’s iType font engine, which enables OEMs and developers to build products that display clear, legible text based on outline or stroke font data. Edge Technology combines a patented, grayscale text rendering approach and hinting techniques to render TrueType-based fonts, while keeping file sizes small. Edge-enhanced fonts are those that have been engineered using Edge Technology to preserve style and legibility at any text size.

A unique feature of Edge Technology is that its output is tunable using a process called Continuous Stroke Modulation. CSM tuning parameters are stored in a table within Edge fonts and are applied as text is rendered. The ability to alter these parameters to achieve optimal text display is now possible for OEMs to accomplish themselves using Monotype Imaging’s iType FontTuner. The software provides the ability to modify the CSM parameters in a font interactively and see the results of the adjustments in real time on the application display.

About Monotype Imaging

Monotype Imaging combines technology with design to help the world communicate. Based in Woburn, Mass. with offices in the U.S., Europe and Asia, Monotype Imaging brings text imaging and graphical user interface capabilities to consumer electronics devices such as laser printers, copiers, mobile phones, navigation devices, digital cameras, e-book readers, digital televisions, set-top boxes and consumer appliances. The company also provides printer drivers and color imaging solutions to printer manufacturers and OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). Monotype Imaging technologies are combined with access to more than 14,000 typefaces from the Monotype®, Linotype® and ITC® typeface libraries – home to some of the world's most widely used designs, including the Times New Roman®, Helvetica® and ITC Franklin Gothic™ typefaces. Fonts are licensed to creative, business and Web professionals through e-commerce portals, direct and indirect sales and custom design services. Monotype Imaging offers industry-standard font solutions that support all of the world's major languages. Information about Monotype Imaging can be found at

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