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Hi Everyone – I have recut a headline regular and italic font. I'm having trouble creating a family with them in Font Lab. I have, from what I can see, correctly named the fonts. I imagined that with the right naming they would automatically form a family when installed on fontexplorer, fontbook etc. but maybe not?

Is there an easy way to make a family?

Any comments would be much appreciated.


p.s. Bear in mind I'm a beginner in fontlab and could be making any number of errors.

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Is there an easy way to make a family?

Make sure that, in Font Info > Basic set of font names, Family Name is the SAME for all members of the family...

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You’ve botched the naming and I suspect that you have not set up OpenType naming. Read the naming guide at:

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Delete the word Expanded in the Style name. Also your Italic font has 30 characters in the PS name. While this is to spec, going over 28 characters in the PS name does create problems in older applications. Also one of your Full Names has an extra space in it

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Thank for the response. I have now checked and double checked the naming but seem to be having the same problem.

is the there a specific way to export the fonts? or do you just have to generate fonts in the usual way?

I have also put below some screen grabs of the naming:

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That should work, you probably need to blast your font caches. Try the following:

• Uninstall all of the fonts you have generated. (never install unfinished fonts.)
• Clear your font caches
• Reboot
• Test the fonts by copying them to your Adobe fonts folder (/library/application support/adobe/fonts). Add them one one at a time, starting with the regular font.
• Once they work in Indesign try installing them. If they still don't work test them with through MS Font Validator and FontQA.

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What does the rest of the font header look like?

If you change the Version number you can usually override font cache issues.

To clean up the font caches search for the files adobefnt.lst and delete them all. Make sure you do not delete adobefnt.db!

I have had great success using Font Nuke to clean up font cache issues:

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