Shaded, Condensed Display Typeface used in Logo

Obviously this was a custom drawn logo but I'm sure it's based off of something. It looks really familiar (without the decorative spurs) and it's killing me. Any ideas?


I don't know what it is, but you might find something similar here. They have some of the best western style fonts I've seen.

Custom work by Dan Cassaro for The State Mottos project.
Hard to say because it has been heavily customized, could have been done totally from scratch (try to ask directly to the designer).
I don't know any commercial font that could give this final result directly (probably some Ps effects applied and a long process to get there).
Some suggestions (geometric gothic condensed, /R straight leg and round top /A), in the same vein (a lot work needed: possible slanting, manually adding tuscan-style spikes, 3D/shade effect, roughing texture): Liquorstore, Deerfield, Anorak (Condensed), Dieselis, Mekanik, Berber, Raleigh Gothic (using some alternates), Baucher Gothic, Magion, Monopol, Elephantmen (aged style)

I know the work of many designers in this project, a lot of them do custom type from scratch, this one is probably one of those.

It's a very cool project and I figured it was a custom illustration. I wasn't looking for something that would give me the final result (I lots of stuff like this in Photoshop), just some of the basic letter forms. Thanks for all of the recommendations though. Some of these I've never heard of before and could be pretty useful in the future.