Hot font

I am seeing this everywhere. Anyone know what it is...


Please check:
I found it using:

‘Rivington Place’ is LL Brown. The a is an alternate character.

Thank you both! Are there any others in this vein that come to mind...?

Drogowskaz is based on the Polish road sign typeface, with its strange clipped e.

I've never seen it used outside of that context before.

Planeta and Brandon Grotesque are two other currently popular contenders for this look.

Oddly the Drogowskaz download doesn't come with a complete lower case alphabet?

Any other suggestions since LL Brown is not yet for sale?

That was good timing.

Planeta seems to have some of the nice quirkiness.
I like Drogowskaz a lot. Wish it were complete.

Thanks again.

If anything else comes up, I'll keep checking back.

This version of the face is less buggy should anyone be needing it:,8,tablica_drogowa.htm