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Thanks for all,

et_1ra_prueba (15.2 k)

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Excuse me, forget extension name.

et_1ra_prueba.pdf (15.2 k)

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The overall squarness of the letters makes them very nice to read on the screen. I suspect that it will very very useful for low resolution printers as well.

I'm not sure that the bowls on the b d h look well with the other curved letters like e and c. For example the d and b look heavy next to the e and c. Also the k does not fit in well with the others. On the v - z line each letter has very different colour from each other.

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Quite nice, Eduardo.

I would make the descenders slightly shorter.
The main glyph issue I see is the "k": it's a bit too mannered. On the other hand, the unusual lightness of the upper arm is a readability advantage.

Also, I would make the beak of the "r" much stronger and more in character, the "s" narrower, and give the "x" more character.

Spacing: nice and tight, just a bit uneven. The blank space should be smaller though.


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Good work.

To me the counter of the "e" is too small, in other words the top of the "e" looks too heavy in comparision with the other letters. I agree with HHP about the "r" and the "s". I would add a bit of colour to the "x" making its secondary strokes thinner.

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