Typefaces to complement a Blackletter face-HELP NOW!

Hi all,

I am reworking a logo I created for a local Oktoberfest celebration
and I have to choose new fonts. I am using a blackletter face but
for the other subheader text, I need to pair the blackletter with
something which complements or contrasts it and not sure outside
of a geometric typeface what will work with the blackletter. I have
yet to choose which blackletter typeface I will use. Right now,
the client needs to have several choices.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


Alex Kaczun's picture

Any typeface combination can work, if different enough.

Extremes compliment each other.

Simple geometric fonts work great as a contrast to blackletter.

Even a really fancy script can work in combinations.

Remember, the more extreme and different the two, the better.

Good luck.

riccard0's picture

Maybe even the right didone could work.

PabloImpallari's picture

Cartouches, Bodonis and Formal Scrits.
Look at The Universal Penman for Inspirations.

dezcom's picture

fine-line sans caps well letterspaced.

PS: "I have Dalmatian thought: the world is going to the dogs" :-)

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