FCC Redesigns with Trade Gothic

The FCC just relaunched their web presence with a new BETA site yesterday. Interestingly, there is a very nice general tightening up of the brand across the board, and they are utilizing Trade Gothic Extended quite prominently.

I'm curious if any code ninjas could let us know how they are pulling this off ?

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Yep. They're using the web fonts service from fonts.com.

Here's a little geekier info from their web fonts FAQ

In what format is the font data transmitted for which browser?
Font data may be transmitted in EOT, WOFF, SVG or TrueType® formats. The font format that is served is dependent upon the visitor’s browser.

How is the font data delivered?
Font data is deployed globally across a Content Distribution Network (CDN). When someone visits your Web font enabled Web site, the font data that you’ve licensed and implemented (using the Fonts.com Web Fonts portal) on that page will be delivered to the visitor's temporary browser cache. It will remain there until the visitor's browser session has ended, at which time it will automatically be removed from their system.

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Ah, brilliant ... thanks much, mate.

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