Film Noir– House on Telegraph Hill

Hey there,

I'm looking for a typeface that encapsulates the Film Noir genre, if thats even a possibility. Been researching and seems there's no real specific 'thread' alot of Gothic's used and drop shadows.

Can anyone identify this sample from the opening credits of House on Telegraph Hill?

Or any recommendations for modern interpretations that 'feel' Noir. Looking for something a little more off the beaten path of Pulp Fiction, Sin City. :)

Neutraface is up for consideration, but perhaps a little too polished.

Thanks for your help.



I'd assume that's hand-painted. Maybe something in House Industries' Sign Painter collection would be of use.

(How's that for subliminal cues?)
(Or should I say "House that...")

Nice one! We've actually been looking at some House Industries collections, this confirms we must be on the right track. :)

Thanks for the help!