60s Jazzy Typefaces

I am working on a project that requires some 1950s/60s typefaces (or something that looks very similar). The project relates to jazz music of the era so any retro and/or jazzy typeface recommendations are welcome.

I have this image with some type I'd like to imitate. Especially the "Sound Magic" in the third row. Can anyone id any of these faces?



I don't know exact IDs for the script faces, but you can’t go wrong looking through Filmotype or Font Diner fonts.

Most of these scripts and display typography are hand lettering, not type. If you want to emulate it with fonts, Aaron has a good suggestion. Also:
Script and Brush styles from House Industries
1950s, Brush Scripts, and Brush Sans at FontShop
Bluemlein and Retro Scripts from Sudtipos

"Sound Magic" is hand lettering. Closest fonts I know are Placard and Garage Gothic.