Ligatures hell

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Hi all,

First of all, hello to all!
This is the first time i post, although i have been reading
this forum a lot, with great enthusiasm!

But let's get down to business.
I have been working on a sans serif font in fontlab.
Everything works fine, kerning, ligatures.


When i want to use my font, on a existing text in indesign, the ligatures don't work.
But, if i create a new text block, end select my font, and start writing, the ligatures do work.

The problem is, that i want to use the font for a new book i'm designing.
It has a lot of text, which i can't just rewrite.

I have tried the trick of copy, pasting (same font, or first changing it into another), also in a new document,
but same problem keeps on appearing.

So hopefully anybody can help me any further.



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So your OT code compiles and the ligatures work in your editor but not in real life? You'd better show us the code.

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It might be an issue related to your tracking value. In InDesign ligatures (and other related features) are automatically disabled if your value for tracking is too high (while they do work in Illustrator). Try setting Tracking to 0 for your text. And, I assume that Ligatures are switched on in your existing text :-)

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Both, thanks for the replies.
And Martin, you were right, it was just that i had the tracking to high, it was at 33 points, and after 30 the ligatures stop working.
So it is fixed, thank god!

Thanks again!

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