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Realist from is a straightforward typeface that speaks in a simple voice without being stern. It’s ideal for corprate design as well as editorial work, for headlines that speak of simplicity or for product design with an exclusive touch. It works for all expressions where the message plays the leading role.

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Very nice. Clean and very legible for a grotesque. Also, nice range of weights and styles.

Your web site is also very functional and attractive. Good luck!

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Impressive Martin, well done!

Next stop: italics..? ;)

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Hi Alex, thanks.

Paul, thanks to you too.
Italics? Totally overrated ;-)

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Really handsome and clear. It stakes out a nice territory between grotesque revivals like Founders Grotesk or FF Bau and more humanist workhorses like Gotham and Museo Sans. And I love those Op Art borders.

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On page 3 of the Realist specimen, is that the wrong /g/ on the 4th line, style 1 and style 2? Or is the PDF correct?

And, hey, I just noticed that there are four /a/ variations on this page!

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Hi Tilman,
I'm afraid that my specimen PDF is not faulty :-P
The idea is that the user can combine two Alternate/Style setting to access the variants in this typeface.

Alternates / Style 1:
By choosing Stylistic Alternates (in Illustrator for example) or Stylistic Set 1 (in InDesign) you’ll get round punctuation marks and alternates of "I", "a", "b", "g", "i", and "l".

Style 2:
Only choosing Stylistic Set 2 will give you access to an alternate "a" as well as "y", upright italic designs if you will.

Alternates / Style 1 + Style 2:
Combining both styles will give you the same alternates as in Style 1 but with (humanist) upright italics for "a", "g" and "y".

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> Italics? Totally overrated ;-)

No winkie needed.


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(I'm not sure if anyone will read this very late answer)
Yeah, I've just finished the RealistNarrow Italics :-)

Paul, next stop: RealistWide Italics :-)

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