Critique on beginner's unnamed typeface

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This is my first serious design, although I have been experimenting with font creators for a year or two. I would much appreciate any pointers you care to offer. At this point, I have formed all the Latin letters as well as several alternate forms for some, plus some of the punctuation and all the Latin-1 diacritics letters.
Sample of unnamed typeface
I have also included a complete list of the glyphs in the face thus far.

It hasn't been kerned, hinted, etc. yet.

EDIT: New version of PDF attached containing corrections to overshoots. I made the existing overshoot less extreme and added the ones I forgot.

Unnamed Font 4-11-2011.pdf33.21 KB
Unnamed Font 4-13-2011 updated.pdf33.16 KB
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My primary concerns at this point are:
-Do you recommend including more diacritical letters, and if so, which ones?
-Any ideas on a name for it? (I'm really bad at coming up with good names for stuff like this.)
-I can't decide which of the following K arm joints works best, a corner or curves.

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The lowercase overshoots are a bit odd. On the bottom, the "o" has none, but abdgpq do...

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Oops! I'll fix that right away.

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The first K definitely fits better.

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Just looking quickly at the K - should the joint of the two strokes be rounded out too? Trying to look for other patterns of what is rounded and what is not.

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I tried the rounded approach on the second K, but it turned out rather awkward. I'm still not sure exactly how I'm going to address that one.

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Does the new overshoot length work okay?

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