What is thiss?

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Hey guys,

So this is a set that i found in my letterpress lab at school, and it is labeled "adscript"
and since I can't find it anywhere I am sure that it was just a general name for it.

Does anyone recognize this font?

Adscript128.26 KB
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The Mouldtype foundry (UK) had this as Fashion Script. I have not yet found a digitized version, but maybe someone recognizes it.

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Here is a synopsis of the typeface from a catalogue:

Hmm, I can see now that there are some differences (the s for instance), so maybe my ID is not correct.

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.. which appears to be identical to my Fashion script above:)

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Swizzle Script, yes, but if you look at the samples likely identified as Stylescript, they have the same s as this one.

(by the way, aren't you happy having found a digitalisation of Fashion Script? ;-)

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I am exceedingly happy :) Now if only a font of this Fashion Script came up for sale on eBay one day!

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you guys are awesome! thanks!

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