Looking for type names

Howdy, been asked to work on a project but the other designer peaced so I need to redo their logo. Any help on the top and bottom typefaces would be rad.


Top is Brothers.
Bottom is Interstate, I think (too fuzzy to be sure).

Ah, nice call on the Brothers,

The bottom has pointy N with a flat top A, I have Interstate and the N doesn't point like in this logo.

Thanks for the reply.

Here's a larger sample from the video. Great site and project, btw. How did you come across Elkington Forest?

This font is killing me. I know I've seen it. Has elements from many of the road sign typefaces.

Brandon Grotesque also has similarities.

Haha, jokes, you know about the project. From Victoria?
I have a friend that is working on the project and his company came to me for some promotional designs.

That Brandon Grotesque is close. but seems just slightly more narrow eh? If the family had a extended weight it might work.

I didn't know about the project until I saw your post here. Fascinating model for conservation.

Could it be Nevis?

Ah perhaps, Nevis seems very close. I've begun to use Agenda which also gets close but I think I like Nevis a little more.
Thank you.

Please fix the N when you redo it :-)