Breadboard - An early attempt

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This is my first real attempt at designing, and I was just hoping for a little bit of feedback of anything that's obviously horrendous.
I've only gone over the spacing very quickly to make it look presentable, so don't think that it's my best attempt!

So, yeah, anything in particular that is making you feel a bit ill here?

Thanks in advance!


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This looks very much like DINMittelschrift but with an unfinished status. :) Some of your gpyphs are too wide (/S/ for example)... But anyway. You will have to do something that will differentiate your font from the one mentioned before (and linked after)...

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Oh my! It is pretty similar, isn't it. I feel like I've accidentally written a bad novel with the same plot as a bestseller...

And it really is coincidence, by the way...

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