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Joined: 8 Oct 2006 - 5:52pm

Hi everyone,

I know subject of piracy comes up again and again, but I feel compelled to make this public.

Does anyone know anything about the Fontpark website?


Please forgive my ignorance if this is legit, but it certainly doesn't look legit to me. I found some of my own fonts there, free to download, no questions asked. Not to mention fonts by high-profile international foundries, which I have contacted to inform.

I Googled around but found few if any references to this site.

With no "Contact" links on the site (why would they?) is there any way of sending them a "Cease and Desist" notification? I'm sure someone here on Typophile must have some experience in this area?

Thanks, Wayne
Australian Type Foundry

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Joined: 10 Sep 2006 - 6:19pm

There are links to Fontpark's Twitter and Facebook on that page.

There is also a link at the bottom of the page to what appears to be their host server. You might contact them and inform them that they are hosting pirated software and it must be taken down, but there might be a communication difficulty as it appears to be located in Czech Republic. http://www.snekweb.cz/kontakt/

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Joined: 8 May 2003 - 2:39pm

Contact the owner of the site to remove your fonts:

There is a good chance he will remove your fonts to keep the site itself running. (Which mainly consists of the usual freeware crap fonts)

Not sure about contacting the service provider to tell them about it, because it looks like it is the same person ... ;-)

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Joined: 4 Aug 2006 - 5:54pm

It seems like they've got a lot of pirated fonts on that site. Great. Yet another day wasted making a list of pirated fonts for some asshole.