The Perfect Format?

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Fellow typophiles and writing enthusiasts,

I came from my design class the other day with a question, one which lacks importance and urgency on all possible fronts:
"What is the perfect format for a university grade essay?"

Now we all know that the content of an essay is the most important aspect of it, however, my professor hypothesized that the actual format (typeface, margins, kerning, ligatures, etc) has an unsung importance to the overall essay.

Myself being a rookie in typography (in contrast the other members on this forum), I come to you with the simple question, what is the perfect essay format?


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Times New Roman 12pt, double spaced. usually I go for 3cm margins.

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What I find annoying about Times New Roman is the lack of ligature. And I find the kerning to be quite tight, and the serif's to be over dramatic. Henceforth, that is the reason why I believe there has to be a better type then what modern culture has dubbed to be the "best". Now I realize that it is possible to adjust the kerning, but that doesn't solve the serif and ligature issue I have with it.

Frankly, the question at hand isn't so much the overall format of the paper, but through revision of my own though, what is a suitable typeface for reading? Any suggestions?

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Oh goodness gracious, I guess I should have searched before I posted.

A lesson well learned.

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