Searching for an older post


I'm searching for an older post. The author needed help in identifying a Sans-serif and uploaded a picture in which the font was placed on a blue sky background, in the lower part of the image the roof a building is shown. The font's colour was white.

I can't remember the name of the topic/author and it's a rather new post, but i can't find it. I discovered it on Wednesday 13th.

Hope you can help me out somehow




Not much for a search ;-) You don’t remember anything else?

Also requested here:

No, it wasn't that post. Hmm... the image was rather small and didn't need to open a link, the image was directly posted. The font had changing characteristics (In German you say: "Wechselzug"/"Fett-fein-Kontrast"/"Duktus", I don't know the english word, I posted a picture that you know what I mean).

The font was written in majuscules only (I think), without serifs, every letter with a low width and large height.