Thomson Reuters OneSource fonts

I suspect the Thomson Reuter's font is custom, but would be excited to be able to license it for myself if it is available.
As for the font they have in their OneSource logo. This seems so very close to various fonts I already have but can't quite
nail it down as it seems the O has a bit more complexity and shape to it over a standard circle or ellipse, the S is very open
and the R is very geometric and wide compared to most fonts I looked that fit with the rest of the letter shapes.

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Yeah I figured there was properly a good chance a large company like Thomson Reuters would get something custom. As it turned out Interbrand and Eric Olson was a solid solution for the OneSource division. Thanks for your help identifying it.

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As previously noted, it is a custom typeface, however curiosity got to me.
I shot them an email, and it turns out it One Source was actually based off of the font Locator.


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