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hi to all. I look for some arabic fonts.I need the names for these fonts in images, and i need arabic tughra fonts. Does anybody know names for these fonts and where I can buy or download tughra fonts? thanx in advance

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Hello. The top font is typical of the old letter-press hand set Arabic fonts of the early and mid 20th century. It is calligraphic and elegant and has a lot of ligatures but technically it was not perfect as you can see from the gaps between the connected letters and rather poorly matched letter endings. The second one appears to be a simplified typewriter font.

There are many modern computer fonts that can approximate either font - Windows' Simplified Arabic font for example is not too different from the typewriter font. has a Boutrous thuluth font that has a nice old-fashioned calligraphic look. For more control on the appearance of such old-style fonts you have to use software such as Adobe's InDesign Middle East edition from Winsoft, and for even more sophisticated text handling of calligraphic Arabic you can get the Tasmeem plug-in for InDesign also from Winsoft but they are not cheap. There are many more such fonts and a few new systems for setting Arabic, but I cannot immediately recall their names.

I am not sure what you mean by tughra font but I assume you mean calligraphic Arabic fonts.

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If by "tughra" you mean: طغری then there is no font for this kind of calligraphy, "tughra" is just a writing style which calligraphers used for decorative purposes, and is way much complicated to make a font based on it.
There are some examples on this wiki page:

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thanks on your reply.Yes, I mean طغری or طغراء. But I think I found on internet 3 tughra fonts, called 'Hüseyin Dönmez' , 'Ibrahim guneh' & 'mehmed fatih candemir font'.hereis the link, but i have no idea where to download these fonts.
Is there any site where I can download arabic fonts like in images in my firt post?

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I saw the link and it seems that the font you were referring is out there, but I don't know any reseller, and also this font contains glyphs which are digitalized design of actual calligraphy peaces, You can't write anything in "tughra" by that font.
for second question I suggest you and, you can search "arabic" and troll through the results, I can't recognize your fonts but I guess for the first one "lotus" could be a replacement, and for second picture it seems that the font is printed by typewriter because it has a monospace kinda letters (if I'm wrong correct me), and if so it's pretty hard to find a close match (almost impossible), but you can use "courier new" which contains arabic glyphs by default in windows and also is monospace.

cheers, Bahman

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