does this _style_ have a name?

I recently identified a face I found in a book as EF Medieva. I also found very similar designs in GoudyMedieval and Milwich. Does this style of type have a name? What is its history?


Is lombardic a fair description of it?

Providing samples of the typefaces in question would be considerate, and more likely to garner a response.

Public service:

More than sharing a common style, they seem to be the same typeface.

Sorry. I thought that supplying the names would be sufficient, since all are easily found with a web search.

The lower case is closer to rotunda than other blackletter styles. The upper case are versals. Lombardic would be ok but there might be another Italian or Spanish name that is better.

So, would you say there isn't a true antecedent? Maybe this design is a pastiche of several historical styles?

To me, it evokes a high-medieval feel, but that may be based on contemporary usage and not real historical usage.