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Hi. My name is Drew and I am doing a branding and development project for a local Mortgage company. The company name is First Home Equity Loans. He asked for a new logo to be "upstanding, professional, and to look bigger than the company really is". He is a former Marine and carries himself and his business in a very upstanding and patriotic demeanor. I developed two different ideas for the logo and he chose from the two. I would like some feedback on both of them as the one he chose will need to be more fully developed and the one he did not choose I would like to possibly use in the future. The customer was happy with the file called "fhe logo approved.pdf" and I would like to finalize that one. The other file "fhe house tab sample.pdf" is the file I would like to possibly re-use in the future. Again I would appreciate any feedback or critique. I will try to be responsive with any requests. Please keep in mind this is one of my first projects and I would like to make this a portfolio piece. Thanks.

Oh and by the way I would like some feedback on the perception of the geometric icon in the approved logo. Is it recognizable? does it read as houses connected or not?

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Thanks for your critique.

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Thanks for the links mate... :S

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