FontForge UFO one-half

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Am I the only one to, after saving a font as UFO in FontForge (22-Feb-2011) and then compiling the UFO to TTF, get only half a font out of it? The top half, that is.

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The bottom half was kidnapped by aliens.

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...and it's being held hostage in area 51.

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So you're saving your font as UFO then opening it up again in FontForge to save as TTF? If so, are you doing that for any reason other than to check the functionality of FontForge's UFO export/import?

Or are you compiling the TTF with something else?

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I got everything (ca 1500 glyphs)
BTW cygwin/winXP from meir000 is hardly usable due to annoying bug.

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@cuttlefish - I was testing it, yes. Testing before use is the Right Thing, right?

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I use UFOs in Fontforge all the time and have never had this problem.

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As I figured. It just had to be a local problem.

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Hennyway... Got off my bum and did a bit more investigation today on the February release. Long to short; when saving a UFO as sfd, FF wrote 'OS2WinDescent' as a negative position. To quote R. Frost, that made all the difference.

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