Examples of Blackletter typefaces used in Food Packaging or Food Advertising?

Hi folks,

I am looking for any examples of Blackletter typography used in food packaging or food advertisements. If you could send links or reference any examples, that would be most helpful.


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Does beer counts as food? ;-)

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No concrete examples at hand, but look out for bread and beer.
Beer counts for sure! :)

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Boar's Head (deli meats) used to have a blackletter logo.

Corona and Leffe (and a zillion other) beers.

A nice one from days gone by: http://www.cassville.org/images/label.jpg

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Chiclets gum, but I think the design has been changed and it's not blackletter anymore.

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From Fontblog’s Flickr stream (http://www.flickr.com/photos/fontblog/166368871), licorice:

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Blackletter really suits that bag of salmiakki candy! Weird how ammonium chloride is used for candy in Northern Europe and for cleaning everywhere else.

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Would Robin Hood Flour count as Blackletter? Certainly blackletter-inspired.

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http://www.bruggsmidjan.is/ uses a blackletter on their beer labels.

@Sindre - I sure don't understand how anyone can eat salmiak pastilles.

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Another energy drink. Relentless.

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Awesome examples. Thanks folks!

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Youngs Seafood logo

Bartons Pickles logo

Del Monte fruit logo

Jose Cuervo tequila

Grand Marnier

Most but not all Chateauneuf-du-Pape I see
has a blackletter label.

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Can't believe I forgot Del Monte!

At lunch today I had a quick look around a couple of local grocery stores. Here are the ones I found:

Vika crispbread (bordeline, I guess):

Bavaria Blu cheese:

Bratwurst from Scan:

Casademont, spanish meat products (C logo only):

Ålands Kastelholm cheese (Okay, not blackletter, but I thought it interesting to include anyway):

El Antiguo brand Turrón:

This one is nice - half way between a contemporary reimagining of a blackletter and a script, I wish I knew what it was; Minas Mljevena coffe:

And a brand of spirits I just thought of, Hungarian Vilmos Körte palinka:

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Stiegl Bier

Picture courtesy of Fontblog.de

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