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There are, here on the Type ID Board, some recurring requests, which often haven’t a definitive answer or, being custom work, are followed by questions about available alternatives.
After the n-nth request, someone (usually Florian ;-) compiles a list of fonts in that particular style.
But these useful lists get buried under the subsequent hundreds of similarly “Please ID this font”-titled threads, making it difficult to find and refer to them.
So, here I would like to compile a list of such lists, with proper descriptions, for easier access and discoverability.

Please add any comprehensive list you’re aware of, or create a new one ;-)
Also, feel free to suggest appropriate keywords.

So, in no particular order, some lists:

The Fat Font Fad list, by Stephen Coles
Keywords: ultra bold, extra black, filled counters
Related link: http://fontfeed.com/archives/extra-bold-ultra-black-fonts/

The Fashion Thin and its Ilk list, by Florian Hardwig
Keywords: thin stressed sans, Noir

The Unsteady Pen list, by Riccardo Sartori
Keywords: handwritten, Strangelove, Where the wild things are, unconnected, casual printed, sketched
Related: http://typophile.com/node/62921#comment-372169

The Oh, Shiny! list, by Florian Hardwig
Keywords: beveled, 3D, dimensional, prismatic
Related links: http://new.myfonts.com/search/beveled/fonts/

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The Hellenic Wide list.


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Good idea, riccard0!
I am sure there are a lot more of these lists, gathering dust in the Type ID archives. I will add them when I run across one.

External, but nevertheless utterly useful:
FontShop’s FontLists, compiled by Stephen Coles, Yves Peters (and others?)

Bauhaus Faces, by Mike Yanega.
Keywords: geometric, constructed, elementary, modular, simplified, modernism, constructivism

Lined Fonts, by Mike Yanega.
Keywords: inline, outline, biline, triline, multiline, sports, neon, highlight, 70s

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Graded typefaces, started by Thomas Kunz
Related: http://typophile.com/node/52653 http://typophile.com/node/15204 http://typophile.com/node/61252
Keywords: grades, weight adjustment, ink spread, newspaper, common widths

Typefaces with both single- and double-storey ‘a’s and ‘g’s, started by Florian Hardwig
Keywords: schoolbook, infant, alternates, indecisive

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Goodbye to the old fogeys!, by Carl Crossgrove
Contemporary book typefaces
Keywords: book design, text workhorse, exhilarant options, 21st century

Reading sans-serifs, by Florian Hardwig
Sans-serif typefaces suitable for longer texts, some even for books
Keywords: humanist, non-grotesque, stressed sans, some-serif, serifless roman

Attack of the Square Sans, started by Chris Keegan
Camingo, Fago, Klavika, Stainless, Soho &c.
Keywords: sans-serif, squarish, rectangular

One size does not fit all, collective (suggested by Alan Robiette)
Typefaces with optical sizes
Keywords: size-specific, Micro, Caption, Small Text, Text, Deck, Subhead, Headline, Banner, Display, Titling, Poster
Related: Optical sizes at Identifont

Rational-irrational, started by Florian Hardwig
Sans-serifs in the spirit of Venus
Keywords: grotesque, quirky, 19th century/early 20th century

Neither Typ1451 nor Gravostyle – what is it?, by Florian Hardwig
Rounded (engineering) sans-serifs
Keywords: DIN, typewriter, gravure

Roundhand roundhoused, collective (suggested by Seb von Bischopink)
List of angular scripts
Related: http://typophile.com/node/15524
Keywords: zig-zag, angled, ribbon, tape

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Should this be housed in the Typowiki and linked from here?

Serif typefaces with two-story /g/'s with open loops, by Frode Frank

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Florian, you picked the two Font ID Guides that I would also have called illustrated lists: Lined Fonts and Bauhaus-style.

I would also suggest that the Serif Font ID Guide has usefulness as a variety of illustrated lists related to Serif fonts: you can show all fonts by a particular designer, from a particular foundry, or with certain structural features, such as crossed W, M's with no top serifs, and g's with open bowls ( to name just a few lists that could be displayed).

- Mike Yanega

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yes, if you want to, feel free to transfer these lists to the Typowiki. The reason why I didn’t do that myself is that I don’t see much benefit, except that maybe it is easier for others to add to the lists. Most of these lists were created ad hoc, by and for the members of the Type ID Board. I don’t want this to become bureaucratic, and to argue with others whether the lists were academic/complete/useful enough to be included in the Typowiki – which, by its encyclopedic nature, is regarded as a place that is a little more formal and authoritative than the quick notes and comments in the threads. Nor do I want to keep them tidy (or even restore them), after they eventually get vandalized. Still, some of them (optical sizes, grades) are predestined to become a helpful Wiki entry.

true, your Bowfin Printworks website holds a lot more information and tools that are of great use to typeface IDers. Thank you for providing and maintaining it! Your Script ID Guide is one of my favorite ID resources.
This brings us to the question what the focus of this thread should be: Ready-made lists (be they curated or collectively compiled, illustrated or not) only, or rather all kinds of ID resources? The Serif Font ID Guide can be used to create lists, but it is more a filter tool, like Identifont’s ‘by appearance’ questionnaire, or MyFonts’ Advanced Search that lets you create a list of scripts by Matthew Carter, for example.

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Thank you all for the additions! :-)
I’m with Florian about the extemporaneous nature of these lists and that just few would be really wiki material.
(Plus, as Craig notes, they will need to be linked here anyway, because wiki entries aren't really discoverable.)

About FontShop’s FontLists: they’re indeed useful (and decidedly an inspiration for this very thread). There often is a thread which starts from one of these and adds to them, for example:

The Spurless Sans list, collective
Keywords: Ubuntu, Prokyon

Another less, if ever, used external resource would be MyFont’s Albums (example: http://new.myfonts.com/users/dtk5k4mb2g/albums/207781/). Admittedly, the fact that they’re less curated, make them less useful.
And they share the same shortcoming of FontShop’s lists: being limited to one retailer offerings.

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About FontShop’s FontLists […] There often is a thread which starts from one of these

And vice versa.

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And vice versa.

Indeed, my choice wasn’t casual ;-)

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Nice idea!


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nice, i like:-)

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My list of serifs with open binocular g’s. There are probably more though.

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Frode: http://typophile.com/node/81517#comment-461769
But it’s good to have more keywords :-)

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WPA lettering style and similar, started by Florian Hardwig
Futura Display, Airport Tourist & descendants
Keywords: poster, gaspipe, sans-serif, square, rounded, round-top A, 1930s, Art Deco

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Thanks Riccardo. Didn’t see that. Btw: Any list we’d ever come up with is basically just an homage to Florian’s anyway.

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A very partial list of some rounded (more or less condensed) sans serifs
Keywords: round, rounded, DIN, condensed

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Cure for Courier
Contemporary monospaced typefaces
Keywords: monowidth, coding, narrow, humanist?
Related: Most Modern Monospace

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Just stumbled on this. Excellent initiative, Riccardo! Thanks for carving a space for these.

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Sans-serifs with small cap figures, started by R.
Small cap figures are lining at x-height. This list narrows it down further to fonts with a wide language support (CE, Turkish)
Keywords: small caps, figures, sans-serif, tabular, proportional

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Ribbon- or string-like fonts, started by riccard0.

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Geometric/constructed scripts, by Florian Hardwig:

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Fonts with petite caps other than FF Atma (http://www.fontshop.com/blog/fontmag/002/02_atma/), FF Ernestine (http://ernestinefont.com/), and the work of Bhikkhu Pesala (http://www.aimwell.org/Fonts/fonts.html), started by Florian Hardwig:

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Fat western slab-serifs, by Ryuk:

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Related (albeit somewhat old): "Most common requests thread?" (http://typophile.com/node/10028)

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"Ultra round" (fat and round all around), by Ryuk:

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WPA-style poster lettering, started by Florian:

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How about we actually come up with semantically informative names (categories), as opposed to clever band names? Rhetorical question: To a newb, who is this “Steven” guy? That’s not very helpful (the section name, not Steven. He actually introduced me to Mike Parker. Thank you for that. You’re right, Mike tells great stories.).

riccard0 raised a good point, but there is another aspect that people seem to be overlooking.

We can easily make a (Wiki?) section with categories and examples. Just like FontShop’s category section which we can update over time. However, people will still post in the ID section, and end up getting buried list-like responses.


A single new board for “What are some fonts similar to this?” requests. This removes them from the ever-burying ID board. Then, on the afore mentioned “Similar” board, more experienced Typophiles can simply point the poster to the correct Wiki section. Problem solved.

And there’s a hidden bonus to this solution: If, in the initial post there is an actual ID request, and, it gets solved (followed by list-like responses, the initial problem statement), then, the ID can be added to the Wiki. Now, the Wiki grows on its own!

Remember, people will always be posts on the wrong boards. There’s nothing we can do to prevent this 100%. This issue can only be addressed through moderation, and moving threads.

See also — Typophile to do:

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A beautiful resource, Font Clusters at Typecache.com: http://typecache.com/font-clusters/

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Letters made of dots, dotted typefaces, made by Ryuk:

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Fat currency-style fonts, by Ryuk:

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Fonts with diamond-shaped tittles:


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Icons as webfonts, by Stephen Coles:

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Serif Typefaces with upright italics

and always enjoy Stephen Cole's MyFonts Lists

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List of infant/school/informal serifs (with a one storey a): MyFonts case #763434.

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