Pure Condensed and Vintage Power

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Vintage metal oil cans are much better than today's plastic oil cans like many other old things! It is more powerful, more impressive, more iconic. These days, the relatively few metal oil cans that survived that familiar pattern have become collectibles. These cans not only served as containers, they also gave oil companies one more opportunity to advertise their brand name and logo. These vintage cans are also really good source for reflecting power of "Public Gothic Family", Antrepo's condensed, vintage and industrial font family.

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Great presentation!

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It is. Do wish the BSD and Linux mascots were on the cans, too.

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588 pixels is the max image width before scrolling.

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Not only do I love the face, but I want a few gallons of the oil. And I don't even own a car.

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(Double post. Deleted. Too much coffee.)

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#2 is Castrol and #3 is Chevron, right? Most of what I saw of these big cans up here was Esso and Mobil, followed by BP and Shell.

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The last two are Gulf and Sinclair. Nice concept.

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I love it. Great presentation. btw. What software did you use for this?

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