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Fine example of type in a movie

Hi there, just went to see the new "Winnie the Pooh" Disney movie. Besides the fact that it has been completely drawn by hand, it features a very fine and pleasing use of typography. Well, the story is set *inside* the pages of a book, with the characters jumping up and down the paragraphs. And, for once, the use of book layout and typeface is *very* nice and pleasing, with Adobe Caslon Pro - with ligatures turned on! - giving a nice rendition of "old time" fairy tale books. I strongly suggest everyone to go and see the movie - in addition, there's a thrilling, psychedelic sequence set inside a blackboard which is, by itself, worth looking at the entire picture.

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I just saw the official trailer of the English version. I like the pictures, but the sound … My first impression is, that the sound is in contradiction to the images much more modern than in the old Disney movies – but in a simple and kitschy way. The sound of the trailer (song and partly the voices) did not touch me. If there wouldn’t be the sound, I mainly would recognize the technical progress of trick techniques but not a change of the typical Disney style, although I did not see the English versions of most Disney movies. What do you think about the sound of that movie?

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even the trailer was cool!

can't wait to see it!


p.s. saw "african cats" on earth day... great work...
and the cameras they have these days are amazing!
you could see the fleas buzzing around the faces of
the lions and the cheetahs and all the other animals.
really remarkable. the storytelling was also fantastic,
with footage to match in all of the appropriate places.
there were some scenes where it was so perfect that
it seemed like the animals were well-rehearsed actors.