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Registration and submission to letter.2 are now open at http://www.letter2.org. Letter.2 is the second international competition of typeface design organized by the Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI). All typefaces published between October 2001 and August 2011 are allowed to enter the competition and may be submitted by anyone involved in their design, production, or marketing, with no limits to the number of submissions. Simply register and purchase submission codes for each typeface you wish to enter. The fee per entry is 25 USD (price for one submission code). A special early-bird rate of 15 USD is available until 20 June 2011. Submissions are entered by uploading the prepared pdf onto the letter.2 website, no later than 15 August 2011. They will then be printed on-site in Buenos Aires, where the judging will take place in October 2011. Full details and instructions are available at http://www.letter2.org.

The first event of this kind  since the founding of ATypI in 1975 took place in 2001, and it was a contribution to the United Nations Year of Dialogue Among Civilizations.
Letter.2 aims to provide a wide-angled snapshot of the state of typeface design around the globe ten years after the 2001 competition, and to promote typographic excellence and best professional practices. It also intends to raise awareness about the role of typography in encouraging and maintaining cultural diversity.

The letter.2 jury is made up of renowned experts in the field, both type designers and typographers. They will be assisted by an external advisory board that will help in judging typefaces for non-latin alphabets from around the globe. The jury will meet in Buenos Aires in October 2011 and will make a selection of winning entries based on their design excellence. The winning designs will be exhibited at the 2012 ATypI conference.
A one-day conference will be held at the time of the judging in Buenos Aires, where there will be lectures by the jurors, who will share their views about the past, present and future of typography, along with a roundtable discussion  about the results from and their conclusions about the competition.

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