Type for windows of residential development

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Type for windows of residential development


I am a bit stuck with this one – was hoping for some help: I am asked by my job to design some type for the building name to go on the front windows of an upper-market residential redevelopment in the City of London. The building is in itself Victorian and the original facade is retained. The interiors were designed in french decorative style in the beginning of the 20th century by a french designer and the building has a rather nice french name.

Due to the nature of the history of the building and the old french interiors and name – one could go down a route towards art nouveau I suppose. Fountain type has a nice face called Heroine http://www.fountaintype.com/typefaces/heroine. But I do think it might be a bit too much for them. I've looked more towards classical serifs with swashes (the french name of the building almost WANTS to have some sensuality to the type). I thought Borges Poema would be quite nice? http://new.myfonts.com/fonts/pampatype/borges/poema/

But I am a bit stuck here and I'm not sure Borges is right. If feels a bit too much "chocolate box". Any tips?