CHEVROLET FONT (similar to American Gothic or Freezer BTN, but not. Help?)

Hey everyone, I'm kinda at a last resort here. I've used font analysis survey to find font based on serif, non-serif, closed, open, fixed width, etc. I even emailed chevy themselves and all I got back was a "sorry, but we don't know, try googling it" response. I know I've seen fonts similar, especially w/the wider stroke on the left side of the letters, but couldn't find it in my library. Does anyone know the name of the font or even a direction to point me in. Any help with this is greatly appreciated, and I thank you all ahead of time for your time and consideration in helping me.


I did some looking for this and was not finding much that was unevenly weighted as this is. However, it seems that it would be easy enough to take any 'close' techno font and then move outline points to make selected parts of each letter fatter.

- Mike Yanega