Which Didone (/Bodoni) is this?

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Hello! Which version is this? The serifs are perfectly flat, so initially I thought it was Berthold Antiqua. But the "a" doesn't look like. Source

I have another question, not related to Bodoni: is there a way to subscribe to certain posts (or to all posts one has participated in), in such a way that every time there's an activity/reply to one's post or post one has replied in, an email notification be sent? Sorry, but I couldn't find anything in help, nor did I get any reply to my email sent to the webmaster. Thanks much in advance.

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Check out the Lanston Bodoni 175. Looks like this might be it:

And AFAIK there are no email notifications – you'll just have to come back. ;)
There are RSS feeds however AFAIK, so you might just subscribe to those…

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Thank you

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