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Web fonts rendering tests & questions

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Web fonts rendering tests & questions

Hi everyone,

I've red at multiple places that the font rendering on Mac OS-X should be the same on every browsers.

Mac OS X Browsers,

We’ll kick this off the easy way. On a Mac, all web browsers use Core Text – the system default text rendering engine – and OS font smoothing settings. There are no browser preferences that affect the way type is anti-aliased. So, on a Mac, type looks the same no matter which browser you use.

Source : Typekit blog"

Well, my personal tests didn't approve these results and I wanted to understand why.

I've tested 2 web fonts : Arial and FF Meta Serif Web Pro, both at small paragraph size : 11px.

Here is a sum-up of my test results.

Whereas my rendering test only concerns OS-X, Arial looks different on Firefox 4, could someone explain me why ?

FF Meta Serif Web Pro looks different on Firefox4 / Chrome / Safari-Opera.

Does the rendering differences concern the Hinting which is not equally applied by all browsers ?

If the browsers layout-rendering engine rely on the OS rendering engine, where did the differences come from ?

Thanks for your feedback :)