paid Freelance Wanted for simple font project

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paid Freelance Wanted for simple font project

Hello !
I am a College Professor and with the help of a designer I recreated the font of my old typewriter. I am around to publish a new textbook using this font but I would like to have some very simple (for someone familiar with font software) enhancements:

- Bold Version (a simple underlined version of the normal font);
- Spacing of the font: they original typewriter as a slightly different spacing between one letter and the other e.g.
Hello looks more spaced in the original format than in my current font reproduction so a bit more like H e l l o (well not with so much spacing but you got the point I guess)

Prompt payment via paypal or similar - and obviously the great deed to help reconstructing an historic typeface to be as close as possible to the original even in these small details :)

Thanks for your time and kind attention,