What serif "text" font to match with VAG Rounded to design an identity system?

Designing an identity system for a regional italian agency trading in Europe, we need a serif text font to complete and match VAG Rounded™ used in the logo, headlines, subtitles etc.
Following the (almost) final logo.
Thanks for any suggestions.

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If you choose a text font with rounded corners you'll end up with something probably too frivolous, as well as pudgy rendering at smaller sizes.

Here's an idea: invert the motif and choose a font with rounded insides, which is most commonly exhibited in the transition from stems to serifs. So choose a font with fully adnate serifs, that come out of the stems in quarter-circles. And if it's a slab that would emphasize the effect. This leads me to recommend my favorite slab, Egyptian 505:

BTW, in that pointy circle in the logo the transition from curves to lines seems to be suffering from the classic "bone artefact".


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