New font need ideas

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Any comments? Thanks

especial.swf (9 k)

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I like the lowercase... The uppercase doesn't feel as good. I'm in the middle of something, so I'll get back with more indepth comments.

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I really like the overlaps -- they're almost serifs.

How does it look in really small sizes?

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especialss.swf (1 k)

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I like it. I'd use it! Now finish it. I'm not liking the 'f'and 's' so much. Lowercase is fine to me. Very urban modern and upbeat.

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I appreciate that though it is a lineal it's not just bezier strokes.

Some comments:

The angle you use consistently throughout the face is successful. It gives the face a unique feel. There are some places where it doesn't quite work for me, though. For example, it works on the c and the e, but doesn't work on the B or the D. You might try straightening out the bottoms and keeping the slant on the tops of the B and the D. It works really well on the P and the R.

The 's' needs some work. It looks like the inconsistency on the bottom is supposed to relate to the c,t,g,e etc, but it doesn't communicate that relationship very well. Maybe slant the top of the s at the same angle, or ditch the slant on the bottom.

The misalignment of the v and the w are too subtle; they look like a mistake instead of a choice. I would leave them off.

The tail on the y doesn't relate to its body. I would shorten the cross bar on the G; it creates on awkward space.

I'm with max on the f. It could work if it were opened up. The w isn't consistent with the rest of the face; the space on the right is really jarring.

Good start. This is a face worth polishing.


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Some changes after Christian appreciations (thank you so much).

Please tell me what do you think and give me some more corrections

2 versions of e and w. What do you think its better?


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ops, sorry

newfont.swf (15 k)

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again, some bug in the swf

newfont.swf (13 k)

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The S and s are still awkward, but better. The F and f
are kinda ugly. The quirks in the face work well,
but in the F and f something is off. (Perhaps the
top arm extends too far?)

Very nice. I think this could also work well with
a bold weight.

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I have seen several of the typographic elements that are going on in work by Darren Scott. I liked this type of work a lot when I first saw it but there is too much of it on the market these days.I like the idea but it just doesn't quite work yet. Perhaps too many things are going on.
A bit of Sibylle Hagmanns' Cholla, some Darren Scotts'Hydrate or Aggregate, etc. I would keep going with this design by simplification. Think about userbility and consider eliminating or toning down some of the untraditional elements.

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I have to disagree, Ole. There's no shortage of "traditional" sans, old (Akzidenz Grotesk) and new (Kievit, Profile, et al). While the quirks in this face could be more subtle, "eliminating ... the untraditional elements" would leave Alejandro with another DIN/Conduit knockoff.

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