another puzzler.. Garamond but the "U"


This is Perpetua. But the ampersand is from something else.

The ampersand is very similar to Bernhard Modern Std

Omg the kerning! That "R" is awful...

Wow, that kerning is truly horrendous.

The kerning is like that because it is probably hot metal setting and not digital.

this is from a 40's print publication so the hand setting is the culprit behind the "hot mess kerning"

Edinburgh Civic Survey (1949)
Prepared by Patrick Abercrombie and Derek Plumstead for the Town Council, the book contains detailed data for traffic, health, education, recreation, population density and so on, beautifully depicted in a series of maps, charts and diagrams.

Perpetua.. knew I had seen it before! ..too many fonts to remember all the differences.
Thank you type id forum. You made my evening just that much better.

The ampersand is Baskerville BT