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Recently, my friend and I started doing movie-themed book bags, mostly for students... nothing too serious or expensive.
(You can see them here: http://www.facebook.com/themebags)

We don't have a logo yet, and a website is soon to be made, so it's about time to make one! :) Here's a version I'm pretty happy with, but would like to hear your comments/critique!

Every letter of the word "theme" is from a different typeface - it's kind of a concept 'cause we'll have different themes, while the bags (apart from the illustration) will stay more or less the same.


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I didn't hope for new versions, but thank you very much, sans sleep! :)
You've inspired me for something in between... How does this look?

I think it fits nice with the website...

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Theme is nice. BAGS is overpowering.

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That's true, aluminum! Thank you for the comment...
I played a little more with the letters... tried to make them lighter.. more...fashion-like, I guess.

Any better?

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i prefer the direction of the bottom two, sans the bag handle. not needed imo. or maybe it's the style of the handle i don't dig. maybe if were a bit more uniform. nah, you don't need the handle.

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I agree with Mauro, looking from your perspective at the moment the handle might remind you of a handle, but for someone else it could easily represent a cherry stem or a badly designed walking legs and etc. The bag I did was merely and idea inside my head and the box next to it was a result of intended reduction and abstraction of the actual bag/book, the final could be an outline of a box. You should experiment.

I still believe that the lowercase 'e' in 'theme' must be different and preferably set in a capital, as the current 'e' looks imbalanced with the rest letter. For some reason whenever I think of DIN, it reminds of rough surfaces; hence the choice of the particular font.


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The handle and large BAGS seem to be fighting the THEME rather than complimenting. I'd really push the scale difference even further. A suggestion (showing scale more than anything):

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Kudos to Darrel.


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Thank you, guys! Darrel's suggestion is great...
I made 2 new versions in that direction; can this be something near the final logo in your opinion?

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Based on the bags you've already made (and can be seen on the Facebook site it I'm not mistaken) this is my comment on your logo progression:

  • I think that logo with organic shaped bag handle is complementing your bag designs very well. It's different and when done correctly it implies on a bag anyway. I like that.
  • Of all the logos presented here I like the older handle logo as well as the latest one (a bit less)
  • Handle-less version of the last logo isn't really working because it's too grungy and may be mistakenly related to skateboarding. /BAGS/ is also not very visible so I think it's not working.
  • The linked older logo had the problem with /BAGS/ because letters were too big and too strong and were competing with /THEME/ too much
  • Type in the older logo (for the word /THEME/) is also a bit more feminine which I guess is your main target group or at least major target group. Latest logo is very youthful but more masculine
  • Type for /BAGS/ in your last logo doesn't work for me. It's too light and stylistically not complementary

Based on all these I would say that you should progress the older logo.

A completely horizontal version will probably be more in line with the original logo to be put on the label flying out of stitched handle on the bag itself.

@aluminum: Even though you've made valuable experiment with word contrast (so one dominates as it should) I don't think that right alignment works.

And one last thought. Since we live in approx. the same territory and share some of the same history I think that culturally and the way that things progress around here I find your logo very nice, culturally appropriate, eco-oriented and contemporary. Very nice. Like it lots.

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Hi, Robert!

I really appreciate your comments and agree with all the points you've made.
I'll try and finalize the logo in a way we feel it will represent our product in the best and most appropriate way! (Young females ARE our main target)

Thank you once again!
Pozdrav iz Istre! :)

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Ok, so after a while I decided to design a completely new version of the themeBAGS logo, cause I wasn't really satisfied with any of the old versions... nor did I find good ways of applying them...

This is what I came up with:

It's still work in progress, but nevertheless, I would appreciate any kind of feedback!
Here are some exapmles of using the new logo (buttons, labels, avatars, etc...).

Thank You!

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will you sell them on the roads? like a souvenir for tourists? also i think people will think it's d and not t.

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I see d/h. not exactly getting the concept of the mark. if you want to have t/h read, maybe something like this...still not getting the dotted line idea though.

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I see Jh.

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Well, the shape should represent a simplified bag with handles and the dotted line the stitches...

Not working, huh?

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i honestly liked your previous concept better, your first post worked best. with some tweeking to the words "bags" i think you got something pretty neat. good luck.

i too read j/h. =)

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I like very much the stitching concept (the reference, the flow, the “expandability”, the restrained yet possibly variable colour palette). But, yeah, in it’s current form it reads something-h.

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I am usually good at parsing monograms, but I am really struggling with the one from 26.Aug.2011 5.05pm. It doesn't seem to be working.

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I'm with apakrat on this as well - I read jHb. Perhaps I'm biased though because I did something similar for the Johnny holm band.

DIN, although a very nice typeface has nothing to do with movies. May i suggest two alternative directions:

First, there may be some interesting mark or logo made from the idea of combining a film strip with stitches Sort of like what you already have going on with that dotted line.

Second what if the type was that really tall narrow sort you see used on movie posters? To me I would find that observant and educated.

I believe something subtle and clever would work very well and reflect the movie theme idea quite well.

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