Font ID Please help!!

Hello everybody, I'm new here and am glad I have found it!!
I have been interested in ID'ing this font:

Notice the Type in general seems 'lowered' around the centre of the letters. eg: the G, centre of the E, R, A and P seem to be lower to the baseline than centred around the middle of the letters...

It is a lovely clean font and would love to know what it is!

Thank you in anticipation.

Regards, Andrew


I presume your talking about the font used for the legend on the map that's Frutiger
the font used on the website itself is Ariel

Thanks for your reply, Gary. Yes the font for the Legend is what I am interested in. I'm not sure is Frutiger as I've done the comparision already with it.


I've just had another look and you'll see the Frutiger M is actually has vertical legs whereas this font has angled legs ; such as an upside down W.....

Thanks again!


Apologies its very similer to Frutiger so could be Corbel

No, doesn't seem to be either; the M of both Corbel and Myriad are vertically aligned.
Thanks your your assistance, guys!

Maybe the font isn’t Myriad. But surely Myriad’s M has slanted legs:

I think I'm with Riccardo. Myriad comes in a variety of widths and seems to match the lettering shapes (M, R, G, C, W) from the sample. If it was possible to confirm the R leg shape I think that would cinch it. On my computer the lettering is too small to be sure.

- Mike Yanega

Thanks guys, apologies for the late response as I've been out of my office for a week or so.....
I'll have a closer look at Masters font and see if it is it!!!!

big cheers!

Hi guys, Back again.

Have had a look at Myriad type but what gives this font away is the low middle line of the G and B to identify a few..... Also with the B the upper part of the letter is not as formed as the lower part..... (lower part extends out further)

Not sure where to look now. Would this font be a Legible font?


Can someone ID this font?