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Compressed Sans (unicase?)

Looking for this compressed sans used for Jon Spencer Blues Explosion circa 1993.
House Gothic 23 or Compacta are close, but not quite it.


probably an old PLINC biform, not yet digitized...

... or Stark (bold)...

Nice work Ryuk. Often it turns out that URW has digitized many of the old film (photo) types. I think the reason is that, along with Bitstream, URW was one of the first foundries with the technology to digitize type. My understanding is that URW, with their Ikarus system, was contracted by other foundries to digitize type for them. Apparently they were allowed to keep and distribute versions of many of the typefaces as long as they changed the names. For example, Nimbus is their name for their version of Helvetica.

As I mentioned in an earlier post about brush scripts, URW has quite a few of these film type designs, and this example found by Ryuk is another example of how URW has revived or preserved many old designs.

- Mike Yanega

Awesome. Thanks, Ryuk!