Kerning trouble with fontstruct

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I began to work on a font on Fontstruct.

I know this is not a real font editor but it was adapted to my project.
Now I have kerning trouble.

Fontstruct exports only .ttf format, what is the best way / software to adjust the letter spacing ?

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FontForge, Fontographer and FontLab are the most obvious choices but there are other font editing tools available. DTL has a range of font editing tools that can be purchased separately if only specific functions are required. If you are working on a Mac then you could consider the Glyphs application developed by, Georg Seifert which is free in its current beta release. There is also the HighLogic Font Creator application which only runs on Windows.

The Font Editors section of the Typowiki will also lead you to additional information on these and other products.

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Thank you, Glyphs seems to be what I need. I will try it.

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Hello dear friends,

I need to create some fonts using images. I know it's very easy using Font Creator but I can`t buy it now. I visited many websites through Google to download the programm free but it didn't work.

I'm very knew creating fonts but very eager to learn how to do it.

Please, let me know if there's any free programm I can download to my computer.

Thanks a lot.

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For Windows there are Softy and Type 2.2 lite. For Unix/Linux there is FontForge. There are a few others, but I can't remember their names.

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Hi Rowan,

I downloaded Type 2.2 and will let you know about it.

Thanks a lot.

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