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File Management

I'm organizing all the JPEGs I have of old type, adding tags as I go. The function that I'm trying to achieve is that through the filter function of Bridge be able to sort out the documents that contain the specific letters that I need so that I later can bring them into Illustrator and vectorize them.

To clarify, here is an example: Let's say I have a bunch of old woodtype samples, and I got the word Entertainment in one file and the word Literacy in another and Kong in the third. I need letters for the word ELK, and ointment. My current system is as follows that each tag is just for one letter. I.e E, n, t, e, r, a, i, m, (since Entertainment contains duplicates) and I've done this across all files.

Using this system I can go into the filter and checkbox the letters that I need, however the process is incredibly time-consuming. So when I'm in bridge I can just checkbox E, L and K and I can see with which files I can construct this word. The same principle applies to ointment.

Maybe I'm the only one with a system for this, however if I'm not alone I'd love to hear how you guys solved this. Hopefully there is another method I can adopt for this.