Unicase letter "G"

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Unicase letter "G"

I was loooking at some unicase typefaces (they fascinate me), and came across FF Disturbance:


I find the letter "G" in it really interesting, and I've never seen anythig nlike it before. The G in Bayer Universal is similar, but this seems to me like a wholly new idea.

Does anyone have any information on where this hybrid upper/lower case "G" originated? (I consider the Bayer Universal G to also be a sort of hybrid upper/lowercase, but I haven't seen one with a loop like that before)

Edit: For those interested, upon some investigation, I found that the creator of Disturbance later created a super fleshed-out family based on the original Disturbance, called "Redisturbed":


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There are a lot of different unicase systems, not to mention types with f*cked up casing, such as the very cool Jeanne Moderno, which has a similar kind of cap G with descender.

It's provenance is the uncial G/g.

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An odd duck of a g, faithful to the design of the original typeface...