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I've been working on some business cards. I'm not too good at this stuff.

I was wondering if I can get some help to make it look better? Maybe more interesting?

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Print it out and look at it.

It seems to me that that it is too much text on the back, not only from a graphic design standpoint, but from a more general communications standpoint. It's basically five taglines, while it's normal to present one, or at most two, taglines. This gives the feeling that the company is just throwing out slogans w/o focus.

Don't use underlining to emphasize text - it interferes with the letters.

In terms of the front, having that dark bar in the middle splits the card up too much. if you really want the dark bar, have it behind just the uppermost info (the company name) so it's at the edge of the card. But I don't think it helps at all.

Also, on the front the darker text stands out more, so I think you should use darker text for the important content (such as the email address) and lighter colored text for the generic phrases such as "Email."

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Thanks for the feedback. Here's another image of the front. I darkened the text, inverse the bolding and removed the blue bar.

I'll work on the back now. How is this for the front?

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seems like all your text is tight. loosen up a little. =)

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I agree with @hola. All your text seems to be tracked very tight... And if you want to make it interesting, maybe you should play with the shape of the bar, since your logo symbol has organic shapes. Take the bottom line of your logo symbol and enlarge it to a bar and enclose text into it. That will work much better than static horizontal bar.

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