Comic Sans. Why be hated?

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i think Comic Sans is an ordinary-famous font in the whole world. Why do some people (especially typographer and type design) hate that font?

Its just a font. I think the hater just have bit of envy of that font's popularity beside that's 'un-good' work. I think the worth of a font is reflected by people response instead the type designer. Because the consumer of the font is people, not the type design. People ignore design that ignores people.

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Because the font is ubiquitous (ships with the MS OS), it is often used utterly inappropriately. Alternately, you could assert that familiarity breeds contempt. Neither excuse has anything to do with the actual merits of the typeface, which is actually pretty decent and has its appropriate uses.

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To be honest, if they came up with a lighter version it would be much more useful for what it was intended. Most comic artists don't letter with sharpies!

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It's become associated with cheap and nasty. – Because it's so successful we hate it – rather like the detestable red scurrying things of Man United.

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I sometimes used that font style because I find it nice to look at but why others hate it?I understand why others don't like that font because we have different perspective, styles and likes in our life so we cannot judge a person what he/she likes or hate.

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I have nothing against the font when used for the purpose it was designed for (e.g., children's parties).
But I get the crawlies when it gets used inappropriately.

What are my qualifications on judging the "appropriate use" of a font? Having worked in the graphic industry for some decades, and some common sense as well.

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We may never know why haters hate but we can be certain that they're gonna.

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It is _______ used because most people aren't very smart.

Vincent Connare

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Nope. It's used because it's there.

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I think another reason why it is hated is because often times, it is the first typeface that children/youth tend to jump to when they start writing on Word. And when you have to read 60 papers, 80% of which are written in Comic Sans, you tend to develop a hatred towards it.

The worst use of Comic Sans I have ever seen was when a university student handed in a research paper which was written in Comic Sans. To make matters worse his paper was on Genocide in Africa; it was really hard to take him seriously when you have to read it in a joke font.

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I saw my friend in school used comic sans to write the scientific report. I think that is fine.

Scientific report used to looks so boring when using serif font (especially times new roman). but when my friend used comic sans, it was look like rather casual and eye-catching.

Serif font is not good for memory :)

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Some years back, I learned to my surprise that Comic Sans was very popular in the high-energy particle physics community. However, some of those folks had a beef with the shape of the lower-case lambda, which was problematic for them.


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A Comic Sans lambda beef, eh?

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because it has something naïve in the bad sense of the term.
And most people use it naively, in the bad sense of the term.

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Perhaps because it shows a lack of creativity, and thus - judgement.

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why people dont make a new better one that rival comic sans?
I think that's fear if someone could make a new font that would replace comic sans in its popularity and typography :]

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Your friend must have ended up in a community college.
And there is a reason why serif fonts are used, they are easier to read and you can read them faster. The only reason why your friends research paper was memorable is because of the horrific typeface he used to write it...

Granted Times New Roman is a dull typeface when it comes to serif fonts, there is still a massive amount of fantastic serif fonts that can be used for a research paper.

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Comic is popular just because it is pre installed on computers and it seems naïvely "friendly" in comparison to the other pre installed fonts.

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Adien, Apple did make Chalkboard...
The lowest point of corporate typography in history.


Té Rowan's picture - "In Defence of Comic Sans" (Yes, things could be worse. Anyone who'd recommend replacing Comic Sans with Buttweasel obviously needs reconstructive brain surgery. Now.)

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Looking at Buttweasel made me squirm.

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It is used so much that when you look at the original A code now, it is so confused and Euri the Euro wasn't made yet.

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And then they say bitmaps aren't worth it...


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Sometimes, I think Comic Sans is discriminated or bullied 0_o"

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Sometimes, it's just fun to hate stuff.

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Hahaha LOL

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I can't say that I hate comic sans, I'd never use it... but I don't hate it. I'm with BrettR, who said that it's because it's one of the first faces amateurs go for when they play around with page layout. It's unprofessional, the reason I don't use it stems from the fact that it's pretty useless. There are a million options for us to pick from, comic-sans shouldn't be one of them.

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I don't hate it either. It's just one of those fonts that's used when it shouldn't be. There's a local plaza that has some serious businesses in it, and their name is in Comic Sans. An actual sign for a business plaza in Comic Sans.

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Already then, Just hate people who use Comic Sans inappropriately

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But the problem is that I don't think there's an appropriate way to use it.

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for kids stuff may be

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There's an open-source font for the typeface Junction... but that's even more specialized than Comic Sans, so it can hardly take over.

Some people might use Odaballoon, though, as a good typeface for at least one wrong application of Comic Sans.

Also, in that connection, it's interesting to see Canada Type wading in to compete with Blambot at the moderately-priced end of a field which Comicraft seems to have pretty much locked up.

(There are a few miscellaneous free fonts out there by others in this field, some by foundries seeking attention for their other products... Laffayette, VTC Letterer, and then there's ShyFonts...)

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"Some years back, I learned to my surprise that Comic Sans was very popular in the high-energy particle physics community. However, some of those folks had a beef with the shape of the lower-case lambda, which was problematic for them." --Thomas

Made me think of this!

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'S funny, that's how I react, too.

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A few years ago (c. 2003?) at the Subtle Technologies ("where art and science meet") conference in Toronto, it was observed with irony that the artists had the slickest, high-tech presentations but the scientists—who invented the devices used for such presentations—were more disposed to good old-fashioned blackboard and chalk.

When questioned, they explained it as a distaste for smoke and mirrors.

So I'm not surprised they have an affection for Comic Sans, and no doubt its Mac clone, Chalkboard.

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> a distaste for smoke and mirrors.

Even scientists can be too romantic!
It's that they're too busy making the cake, instead of decorating it.

And when it comes down to it, you can't invent stuff if you use too much stuff.


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