(x) See if you can PIN this one? - (similar to) Voodoo House Pins {Matthew}

he he… i dig this already PINNED voodoo-font!
i beat you to it this time Yves!  : )
will i get credit?
fastest id ever on typophile?!?


The way that none of the letters seem to match each other, this isn’t a font. Someone likely hand-drew these letters and scanned them into the album. The yellow letters look like Alternate Gothic, maybe?

I knew I saw something like this… It

Shrunken Heads and Voodoo!!!

axually i was not looking for an identification… it is probably an old record… way way way before digital fonts! i just wanted to show you typophilists a nice font..

Hehehe, that’s what you get when you’re too smart for your
own good, Jack. THX for sharing this fun sample, and kudos
to Matthew for actually fiding a similar typeface. :-)